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Systems Administration & Infrastructure Support

Our services cover everything from server support and monitoring to complete operating system management and consulting.

Where other service providers think of systems administration as an unimportant element of infrastructure management, Datavail recognizes and sees it as one of the most critical, under-appreciated areas within infrastructure.

We have created a delivery model and an integrated set of technology and workflow components that come together to give you a reliable, 24×7 capability – in an area nobody likes to focus on, but that is critical to achieving reliability, stability, and scale. We take your people out of the things they hate doing but must get done – every day and all the time.

24×7 Coverage For Your Infrastructure Technologies:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • Azure
  • AWS

Flexible, Client-Focused Delivery Options

Datavail has flexible consulting for short-term and ongoing system administration projects. Use our team for day-to-day management, support or ad-hoc assignments such as migrations, assessments, upgrades, and consulting. We go beyond the contractual paperwork to make good on the promise that we’ll add value to your business. Our investment and management focus are unparalleled in this specialized area compared to other companies who see systems administration as an insignificant piece of their offering set.

Experienced Systems Administrators

You get highly skilled system administrators and other skilled IT workers who have proven business acumen and a genuine desire to serve.

Key Focus Areas of Datavail’s Systems Administration Services:

  • Cloud Support Services
  • Complete Systems Administration
  • Server Support & Monitoring
  • SysAdmin & Infrastructure Consulting
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring & Security
  • Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Systems Administration Expertise Delivered to Client Expectations

When you hire Datavail, you also get the Datavail Service Platform, a suite of systems monitoring and problem-mitigation software. Our proprietary, tech-enabled tools deliver high availability, performance and cost-savings.

We’ve been delivering systems administration for over 10 years using an industry leading 24×7 onshore and offshore model, solving the cost problems of a domestic-only delivery model and the perceived quality problems of an offshore-only model. Our clients have unique needs and Datavail’s expertise and systems service offerings deliver the combination of flexibility, reliability, security, and performance your organization demands.

Tiered Delivery Model

Datavail’s delivery methodology has been created to scale for all of our clients, regardless of size or industry. We have taken a wide array of best practices and aggregated them into a seamless, reliable, consistent, repeatable set of processes. You receive a top-tier North American systems administration lead, backed by a full multi-tiered team of systems administrators focused on the specific system or O/S you need to be supported.

We don’t ask Linux administrators to work on Windows systems. Specificity of technology-knowledge collected and organized into small team approach that covers 24×7 is our mantra. Also, we enable fractionalized use – so you don’t have to deal with a ‘dedicated’ only model that increases cost and fallow capacity. At Datavail the only thing that matters is consumption – that means 24×7 service regardless of how small or large your environment is.

SLA Management, Support, & Services

Our industry-leading SLA is a true representation of what you can count on from Datavail. We are committed to supporting and protecting your mission critical data and providing assurance of that protection and support is a critical element of our success.

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