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Infrastructure Management & Systems Administration

The Datavail Difference

Our team of experts offer 24 x 7 support for more than 700 customers and 10,000+ servers delivering applications, databases, middleware, integrations, networks, email, and content. Rely on us to proactively support and monitor all elements of enterprise IT infrastructure.

Ensure Peak Systems Performance with Datavail

The success of an organization is dependent on the performance, stability, and flexibility of its IT systems and infrastructure. Datavail offers consulting and managed systems administration services to ensure you achieve peak performance from your infrastructure technologies.

The Need for Infrastructure Management & SysAdmin

With the pace of change accelerating, today’s in-house IT leaders and teams are more focused on productivity, planning, and growth than the daily management of systems and infrastructure.

By relying on Datavail’s expertise and manage service offerings, you’ll save your employees’ valuable time, improve the customer experience, save money, and drive business growth – all while ensuring peak system performance and operational reliability.

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Reliability Built on a Software-Driven Service Platform

When you hire Datavail, you also get the Datavail Service Platform, a suite of monitoring and problem-mitigation software. Our proprietary, tech-enabled tools deliver high availability, performance and cost-savings.

We’ve been delivering infrastructure, SysAdmin, and database services for over 15 years using an industry-leading 24×7 onshore and offshore model, solving the cost problems of a domestic-only delivery model and the quality problems of an offshore-only model. Our clients have unique needs and Datavail’s expertise and service offerings deliver the combination of flexibility, reliability, security, and performance your organization demands.

Contact Datavail to learn more about how our infrastructure management and SysAdmin solutions provide comprehensive support to organizations worldwide.

Tiered Delivery Model

Datavail’s delivery methodology has been created to scale for all of our clients, regardless of size or industry. We have taken a wide array of best practices and aggregated them into a seamless, reliable, consistent, repeatable set of processes.

  • 24 x 7 Coverage & Support: Our team is always available to ensure peak performance.
  • One Partner: You can trust that you’ll get everything from one company dedicated to adding value, leaving you free to manage your business.
  • Onshore & Offshore Capabilities: We combine the talents of our North American staff with highly skilled employees in offshore locations, putting expertise and customer communication at the front end while still delivering savings so that cost management can be achieved.
  • Innovation: Millions of dollars invested in ITSM ticketing workflow platform.
  • Automation: Our proprietary scripts and automation tools handle repetitive tasks and reduce human error.
  • Certified to ISO270001 Standards: Our employees are all certified in ISO standards.

SLA Management, Support, & Services

Our industry-leading SLA is a true representation of what you can count on from Datavail. We are committed to supporting and protecting your mission-critical data, and providing assurance of that protection is a critical element of our success.

The Datavail Difference

The best way to describe how Datavail’s infrastructure management and SysAdmin services make a difference is to look to our customers’ results. Via long term relationships with Datavail, they’ve been able to:

  • Boost system performance.
  • Enhance uptime and resource management.
  • Ensure compliance with upgrades to systems and/or technology.
  • Scale up or down and adapt more quickly to enterprise demands.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Phase-out insecure and/or unsupported technologies.
  • Integrate data across systems.
  • Enhance operational reliability.
  • IT Department seen as an innovator.

Contact Datavail to learn more about how we can help you.

What Our Clients Say

Appreciate the effort for the quick turnaround for a successful delivery.

Executive Director, Healthcare Organization

Datavail does a fantastic job and gives me peace of mind.

IT Vice President, Computer Services

Datavail has a very competent staff of DBAs that are monitoring 24/7.

IT Professional, Energy & Utilities

Excellent Value Proposition. 24x7 coverage and peace of mind.

IT Director, Insurance Industry

Datavail provides consistent service, leadership listens to and acts on concerns.

IT Vice President, Insurance Industry

Excellent support, very dedicated and responsive DBA team.

Database Manager, Electronics Industry

Datavail provides professional and knowledgeable service.

IT Director, Non-Profit Organization

Datavail sets the bar for a managed service provider vendor; they are a true partner!

IT Vice President, Healthcare Organization

Competent technical team members, good people and true spirit of partnership.

Chief Information Officer, Hospitality

Datavail has a sense of urgency!

Database Manager, Retail

It's rare that an entire program exceeds expectations from start to finish, but you made it happen.

Senior Director-Technology & Architecture, Fortune 500 Fast Food Chain

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