As your organization grows, so does your data. While an ideal world would find this data structured and organized in a central repository, we all know that’s not the case. Multiple databases, files, formats, and more cause your data to become scattered and disorganized, which in turns prevents your organization from making sense of it in a way that helps your enterprise make informed and efficient business intelligence decisions.

In order to gather and make sense of all your disparate data, an effective Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) strategy is critical. Datavail’s ETL experts leverage Informatica to help your business handle all of the steps necessary to fully implement and manage an ETL so you can discover, cleanse, and transform your data to ensure successful endpoint analytics.

Informatica covers every step of the ETL process, including:

  • Accessing data from disparate sources and integrating it into a central repository in batch, near real-time, or real-time.
  • Integration with a number of cloud-based applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Workday, and more.
  • Delivering clean, scalable data that’s of the highest quality that drives value for your business.
  • Ensuring data is secure with top-of-the-line security measures employed throughout the entire data lifecycle.
  • Implementing an end-to-end master data management solution that allows you to create a single, authoritative view of your most business critical data.

Datavail’s Informatica practice provides:

  • 24×7 Development and ETL Support
  • Breakfix
  • ETL Incidents and Services Requests
  • Data Architecture Assessments
  • Change Data Capture Processes
  • Performance Optimization

Datavail’s ETL and Informatica experts offer a flexible and scalable approach toward data migration and integration so your organization can leverage your data to make critical business intelligence decisions in real-time.  If you already have Informatica installed and running our experts can provide 24×7 operational support to keep them up and running so you don’t have to.

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