Restaurant Customer Analytics

Customer Intimacy is Within Your Reach

The typical restaurant knows fewer than 10% of their customers by name. In a consumer world where personalization combined with instant gratification is an expectation rather than a perk, failing to make optimal use of your customer data to deliver customized, targeted marketing messages and offers is a fast track to market share loss rather than gain.

You Have the Resources

Fortunately, most restaurants have access to the data they need, they just haven’t harnessed it. With Datavail’s methodology, you can gather, procure, and combine the most important information about each individual customer:

  • Contact information
  • Preferred ordering methods
  • Payment information
  • Dollar totals and time stamps for items ordered by menu category
  • Visit type (waiting list, reservations, parking lot, drive-through, pick up, delivery)
  • Discounts or coupons used
  • Lifestyle and behavioral tendencies
  • Social media activity
  • Favored menu items
  • And more

Making Known the Unknown

The key to growing customer intimacy is to turn an anonymous relationship with your customer into a familiar one. Datavail’s methodology is built to grow customer intimacy from the ground up even for restaurant companies that may not have loyalty or other strategic marketing programs operating. We recognize that customer intimacy is an unending journey common to all relationships and we can help companies wherever their starting point might be.

Datavail’s Customer Segmentation Methodology

Datavail uses a three-tiered approach to customer segmentation, combing consumer research, public data, and proprietary data to build profiles and clustering so you can deliver to each customer according to their preferences.

Our 7-Step Methodology…

  1. We start by assessing your current customer analytics environment to begin the customer intimacy journey at the most optimal point.
  2. We then rationalize and refine the customer attributes that are relevant to both the brand and the customer. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach but rather one that adapts to how your brand can best engage the customer.
  3. While collecting what you want to know about your customer, we then identify the current customer data assets in your organization and map those to the Customer Analytic Dictionary to provide a roadmap for earliest possible engagement success.
  4. It’s at this point that Datavail will design and build the Customer Analytic Platform per the customer engagement roadmap. This provides your marketing team a platform for all current and future customer engagement programs.
  5. Datavail goes the extra step to analyze and create your initial customer segments to speed incorporation into Marketing and Operations brand tracking.
  6. Datavail has the technical capabilities to integrate the Customer Analytics Platform and segments into existing marketing communication tools and processes. Datavail is interested in helping you enrich customer intimacy through knowledge about your customer. We recognize the power and need for external marketing automation and communication tools.
  7. Finally, we create the Customer Analytic Roadmap; a series of future data points that the brand and customer grow into over time.

Datavail has walked this journey with restaurant companies like yours and has produced quick-start templates to accomplish these steps in a matter of weeks, not years. It’s a journey that can start fast and is iterative to grow with your business by continuing to enhance the customer analytic platform as you see the customer engagement results.

Datavail brings  thought leadership into the restaurant space by transforming data into business-driving insights that lead to acquisition and sustained retention of valued guests. We have helped companies like PF Chang’s, Craftworks, Red Robin, and McDonald’s drive traffic, build revenue, manage operational food and labor costs, and advance customer segmentation techniques through Business Intelligence reporting, BI infrastructure development, and line of business application development.  Our expertise in POS, loyalty, KDS, Front-of-house and Back-of-house platforms particularly across the NCR Aloha stack, Fishbowl, QSR, Olson, Paytronix, and more, means our teams can deliver value fast.