Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Analytics

Cost-Effective Solution for Visibility into Dispatch Systems

Datavail’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Analytics data mart and dashboard reporting solution gives dispatch supervisors and public safety management departments analytics as well as cost-effective visibility into their dispatch systems. Several types of delivered reports are available out-of-the-box as this commercial-off-the-shelf solution provides integration from fire, police, and other data sets (such as vehicle maintenance) in order to provide a world-class view of each city or county’s emergency response infrastructure.

Many different types of reports can be built for the dispatched departments in order to better understand and manage the Incidents and Events and general response times of which they have reported and to which they must respond. Since each agency may want to see the information in different formats, the reports can be easily developed and built for the individual departments, or extended to include other third-party data with ease.

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