Business Intelligence Products

Extensions for Existing Oracle BI & Hyperion Implementations


BITeamwork™ is a collaborative business intelligence (BI) plugin for Oracle OBIEE, OBIA, and Hyperion offering dashboard commenting, cell annotations, commenting, voting, and social integration. With this tool, you can make data justifications and commentary accessible to everyone, allowing your organization to leverage the perspectives of multiple users and other critical information to streamline the analytics and decision-making process.

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BIMUDFlow is the OBIEE Multi-User Development solution for continuous integration and source control management, which increases the frequency of deployment cycles and optimizes the OBIEE development team’s SDLC efficiency. Its features include snapshots of RPD and Web Catalog, client/server configuration, and issue tracking.

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BISkinner | Oracle BI Skins | Datavail Business Intelligence Solutions

BISkinner is the tool for OBIEE to modify skins and layouts of the BI Portal in a dynamic and easy to recreate process for the enterprise system. Previously created skins and styles can be reused or re-purposed with ease.

Tableau TDE Exporter

Tableau TDE Exporter for Oracle is a set of tools that allows developers and users to export a particular data set or Oracle BI dashboard report to a Tableau TDE extension file. This is an excellent value proposition for users making use of core Oracle data integration and analytics tools, as well as Tableau, in order to provide a more collaborative experience leveraging all analytics technology investments.

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