Education Analytics Services & Solutions

Intelligence to Inform, Alert, and Make Decisions

Our passion for the growth and advancement of all areas of the education industry has led us to focus our attention on delivering quality solutions to satisfy the demand of statutory and internal reporting requirements of educational institutions. These solutions allow us to express our domain knowledge of education, higher education, institutional research, and other education-based departments through end-to-end analytics.

Working with several institutions to solve common challenges and bring better insights to existing educational institutions’ growing data and statutory reporting needs, our solutions provide increased time-to-value of analytics in education.

Education Budget Analytics

The intelligence provided by Datavail’s Education Analytics solution provides standard daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting with the ability to reveal historical trends across time utilizing the data warehousing capability built into this extended solution.

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Financial Aid Analytics & Predictive Analytics

This commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution provides institutions of higher education with an end-to-end solution for reporting on financial aid data from the student information system. As a quick start solution built to save time and money, the Datavail Financial Aid solution includes data transformation, an extensible data mart, and analytics content containing reports and dashboards that provide immediate value for reporting.

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