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Data Relationship Management (DRM) PeopleSoft Adapter

Align your data across systems

Datavail’s Data Relationship Management (DRM) PeopleSoft Adapter is a comprehensive solution that allows your organization to manage dimensions, hierarchies, metrics, and measures across Oracle’s Data Relationship Management product and PeopleSoft Financials.

The Problem

Organizations using PeopleSoft Financials, DRM, and a full complement of the Hyperion stack must go through significant manual effort to ensure data in DRM and PeopleSoft match on a daily and quarterly basis, and during reorganizations or when growth occurs during M & A activities.

Datavail’s experience has proven that companies that manually update changes from DRM to PeopleSoft Financials are:

  • Losing up to two hours of work value per day
  • Hiring up to four outside analysts to manage quarterly reporting
  • Multiplying these numbers when reorganization projects come up – hundreds of lost hours across several months
  • Wasting time on technical problems rather than focusing on strategic projects

The Cost? Weeks of valuable employee time, thousands of dollars on outside help, and a lack of focus in areas that can move the business forward.

The Solution

Datavail’s DRM PeopleSoft Adapter automates these activities so that changes in DRM are automatically pushed into PeopleSoft without the need to manually edit in both systems. Additionally, our suite of DRM solutions align operations with financial reporting and analysis needs while simplifying system consolidation, coexistence, upgrades, and migration by enabling charts of accounts management.

The benefits other organizations experience include:

  • Elimination of manual processes
  • Freed up Hyperion resources – hours per day and weeks per quarter
  • Ability to redirect Hyperion talent to more important strategic work
  • Recorded audit trails and track versioning
  • Significantly reduced risk of human error
  • Configured and maintained integration from the web interface

Datavail’s DRM PeopleSoft Adapter can help with the following:

  • Synchronize data structures and automate the “last mile” between PeopleSoft and DRM.
  • Flow changes to metadata made in DRM into PeopleSoft Financials without intervention.
  • Eliminate manual dual maintenance between DRM and PeopleSoft.
  • Save Hyperion Admin resource hours daily, and weeks during quarterly close.
  • Handle changes across your cost centers, legal entities, and all your affected systems.
  • Help users with initial reports, trial balances, and month end close to eliminate excess reconciliation and research.
  • Reconcile corporate information assets across IT systems from acquired companies into the combined enterprise.
  • Align your dimensions across the landscape while alleviating reporting discrepancies.
  • Manage the impacts to your chart of accounts redesign, merger/acquisitions, validation of mappings, and collaborations between responsible parties.
  • Align your products across your sales channels so that your territory and market alignments report accurate numbers.

The Benefits

DRM as source for Chart of Accounts and PeopleSoft trees Eliminating the custom build process that needs to be built for the integration
Publish chart of account updates from DRM to PeopleSoft. Application templates for loading the properties, exports, validations, queries.
Maintain PeopleSoft trees in DRM and publish PeopleSoft trees. Web based UI to maintain DRM and PeopleSoft configuration.
Reduces the implementation costs and long term support. Visibility of the changes published to PeopleSoft through DRM reports.
Publish the changes at required intervals using the adapter scheduler

With Datavail’s DRM PeopleSoft Adapter – the only automated solution for DRM and PeopleSoft – your organization can integrate these two applications, allowing for seamless integration maintaining the following modules:

  • Accounts
  • Departments
  • Products
  • Business Units
  • Projects

DRM PeopleSoft Adapter Architecture

DRM Architecture

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