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Cloud Migration & Management

The Cloud Matrix: Which XaaS Should You Choose?

In this informative white paper, we’ll take a look at the main options and how they might apply to your real-world business needs.

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Packing the Essentials for Your Journey to Cloud Analytics

Cloud computing can utterly transform your business processes for the better, but it's not a journey that you can make casually or overnight. Find out today what you need to do for your migration to the cloud by downloading Datavail's white paper.

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5 Reasons to Migrate to MongoDB Atlas

In this white paper, we’ll discuss why you should consider joining them, backed up by a case study of one of Datavail’s MongoDB Atlas migrations with a multinational entertainment and media conglomerate.

XaaS Cloud Decision Matrix

Use this infographic as a quick-reference guide as you make your decision between IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS, and more.

AWS Database Migration Jump Start For Aurora

Industry trends continue to show strong growth in organizations migrating from on-premises to the AWS cloud-based Database-as-a-Service offering.

Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative's Custom Migration to AWS Drives Cost Optimization and HIPAA Compliance

Moving healthcare operations to the cloud can be seamless. See how one company effortlessly made the move.

How Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative Migrated to AWS

In this webinar, Healthcare services company, MAeHC (Massachusetts E Health Collaborative) will guide you through the steps they took to migrate their SQL database applications to the AWS cloud.

AWS Database Migration Jump Start

An effective Migration Jump Start sets the foundation for a successful migration and is often the most important component when considering a move from on-premises to the AWS Cloud.

How to Choose AWS Storage

Consider your storage options will go a long way in determining the scalability, performance, and cost effectiveness of the application and cloud set-up.

Oracle Highlights Datavail's Christian Screen at KScope 2017

Cloud computing and IoT are two of the hottest trends out there and how they relate to our work at KScope 2017.

Art of BI: 5 Reasons Why Cloud Analytics Should Be the Future of Your Business

Cloud business intelligence is the trend. Here's a look at five of the top financial and strategic reasons why cloud analytics should make sense for your business.

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