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Application Performance Management Platform

Oracle Hyperion Inactivity Report

Datavail's Inactivity Report by Accelatis can help you reduce licensing costs and make Hyperion more efficient.

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9 Hyperion Myths That Are Making You Less Effective

Download our white paper to find out how we explore and debunk 9 misconceptions of Hyperion Performance Management that are keeping you from effectively managing your platform so financial processes run smoothly.

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Shortening Forecast and Close Cycles by 50% So You Can See the Future Instead of the Past

Delays, inefficiencies, and technological difficulties are all unfortunately the norm during financial close and forecasting cycles. Despite the challenges, top-performing organizations are able to close their books in 12 days or less – which is less than half the time that it can take their most inefficient competitors.

360-degree Hyperion Support Overview

Every organization has unique needs, which is why we offer 360-degree Hyperion support tailored to what will help your organization to improve the most.

The Clock is Ticking on Hyperion 11.2: Why You Need to Start Planning Now

This white paper will discuss the fundamentals of performance testing, and review new methods to accomplish this vital best practice more quickly and efficiently.

Closing the Gap: Hyperion On-Premise versus Cloud

This presentation will identify the gap reduction happening between Hyperion on-prem and EPM Cloud, and identify the important differences between the two so companies can make the best decision for their finance department.

Hyperion Compatibility & Support Quick Reference Sheet

With the release of Oracle Hyperion 11.2 just around the corner in Q1 2019, it's time to take a look at some of the biggest compatibility and support issues that you might face.

Hyperion Upgrade Support Services

Upgrading Hyperion is a lengthy and involved process that you need to plan for well in advance, especially with version support ending for older installs.

9 Hyperion Performance Myths and How to Debunk Them

In this presentation, we explore and debunk 9 misconceptions of Hyperion Performance Management that are keeping you from effectively managing your platform.

Hyperion Myth #8: Production and Non-Production Environments are Difficult to Keep in Sync

When your Hyperion environments get out of sync, don't let your workflow get out of sync too.

Hyperion Myth #7: Finance and IT Departments Will Unavoidably Be in Conflict

The inevitable conflicts between Finance and IT don't have to be inevitable. Find out why by learning about our Application Performance Management (APM) platform.

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