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Webinar: Why You Should Consider an Oracle to Amazon RDS Migration

Datavail Webinar

Amazon RDS for Oracle streamlines the process of getting Oracle deployed and optimized in the cloud.

You end up freeing up technical resources and specialists that were previously tied up in database administration, which opens the door to greater innovations. You also have many avenues for cost-reduction through multiple pricing options, which include paying for usage on an hourly basis and reserving database instances for up to three years.

Download our webinar to learn more about:

  • The licensing models used by Amazon RDS for Oracle.
  • How using a fully managed Oracle database empowers your organization in many areas.
  • The improvements in database availability and reliability thanks to RDS functionality that includes automated fail-over, simple replication configuration, and other features.
  • Things to keep in mind when deciding to migrate your databases.
  • Getting the most out of multiple availability zones.
  • How to move to Amazon RDS without large disruptions of daily business operations.


Watch The Webinar Here

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