Tuning ETLs for Better BI

Monitor and Improve Extract-Transform-Load Performance

etls_presFinding ways to make ETL loads faster is not always obvious. Moreover, there is a difference in how to tune OLAP vs OLTP databases. Some of the techniques learned through years of tuning EBS seem to make no effect on tuning a BI ETL.

This presentation will discuss why this is the case, present some techniques on how to find the bottlenecks in your BI ETL jobs and some techniques to tune these slow SQL statements, improving the speed of nightly ETL jobs. Learn the steps to monitor ETLs, capture Problem SQL and gain knowledge to improve the overall ETL Performance.

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Tuning ETLs for Better BI

There are two main goals for tuning your ETLs for better performance and they are to enhance speed and consistency. So what do you need to know to address bottlenecks but still save time?

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