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Why Choose Datavail's 24x7 DBA Managed Services?

This Video Might Change Your Thinking About Database Outsourcing

Find out how this video might change your thinking. The DBA team is unique, surrounded by large teams of developers on one side and staffs of infrastructure specialists on the other. And that small but critical DBA team is rarely structured in a 24×7 model? But why? Because you don’t need the number of DBAs to staff for 24×7 coverage. So you end up with talented DBAs who are consumed with production work. The result? Fatigue, dissatisfaction, and high turnover.

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Warning! This video might change your thinking. Many infrastructure outsourcing strategies include the DBA function. We suggest you make a powerful decision. Carve out the database team. Don’t give your databases to an outsourcer that doesn’t really care about databases. Here’s what they won’t tell you. One of the smallest groups inside every major outsourcer is the database team. It gets the least amount of attention and the smallest investment. It’s usually delivered via staffing rather than with real managed services.

How do we know? First, Datavail Management came from larger outsourcers. We lived it. We structured the deals. More importantly, our clients have told us. Some of them are among the largest companies in the world. One of the world’s largest fast food chains, several major financial and insurance firms, a $20 billion Fortune 100 company and many more.

What to do? Carve out the database function from your broader infrastructure sourcing strategy. At Datavail, delivering database services isn’t a piece of our business. It’s our only business. In fact, Datavail is the leader in the database services market with the largest number of DBAs, the most mature operating model, and the fastest growth. If you are thinking of how to best source the right database services solution, if you recognize that the database tower is inherently different, if you want the best-of-breed provider in the database services industry, choose Datavail.

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