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Oracle 12c

Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Oracle 12.1

In this white paper, Datavail's DBAs offer suggestions about benefits and drawbacks of SharePoint migration, how to handle a migration, and what to watch out for.

Azure vs AWS vs Google White Paper

Azure vs. AWS vs. Google Cloud – Comparing Database Hosting Services

Download Azure vs. AWS vs. Google Cloud – Comparing Database Hosting Services, the latest white paper from Datavail. In it you’ll find an unbiased look at the top three public cloud players.

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Oracle BI Migrating Applications & Analytics to the Cloud

Migrating Oracle BI Applications & Analytics to the Cloud

Cloud solutions continue to expand into the mainstream with obvious material value for businesses that have historical focused on on-premise solutions.

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Informatica Health Checks

Informatica Health Checks

ETLs are the foundation of analytics and reporting systems. Informatica empowers you to extract, transform, and load so you have clean data for every decision or application.

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EPM Service Overview

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Services

We provide cloud, on-premises, and application installation and configuration, financial process management and consulting, and managed services across the Oracle EPM stack.

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Top 10 Trends Database Management

Top 10 Trends in Database Management

Now, you can make even better guesses about what your organization will need to leverage its data. How? Download Top 10 Trends in Database Management, a new white paper from Datavail.

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Oracle Cloud Services Muscles-Up

Oracle Database Cloud Services Muscles-Up

This white paper spotlights some of the more important features you’ll find in the new version of Oracle Cloud Services.

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Big Hot Customer Data

Big Hot Customer Data: Increasing Restaurant Revenue Through Customer Segmentation

This white paper will tell you how to turn your customer data into revenue growth for your organization.

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Simple and Smooth WP

Simple and Smooth Oracle EPM Cloud Data Integration

Oracle EPM Cloud just might be a finance professional’s best friend. It integrates data from throughout your many enterprise systems and spreadsheets into one sophisticated, easy-to-use planning and budgeting tool.

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Restaurant Analytics Service Overview

Restaurant Customer Analytics Services

The typical restaurant knows fewer than 10% of their customers by name. In a consumer world where personalization combined with instant gratification is an expectation rather than a perk, failing to make optimal use of your customer data to deliver customized, targeted marketing messages and offers is a fast track to market share loss rather than gain.

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Essbase Service Overview

Essbase Cloud Service Rapid Start Overview

Essbase Cloud has the power to simplify and streamline your Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Hyperion applications.

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