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The Role of the DBA in 2022: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities

Datavail Webinar

Database administrators have seen their roles rapidly shift from keeping the lights on to making strategic data engineering decisions as they move to the cloud and adopt automation solutions, deal with emerging database technologies, stay on top of supporting an increasingly large number of database deployments, and adapt to world changes like the pandemic and the Great Resignation.

In this webinar recording, Datavail’s Kathryn Sizemore, Senior Database Administrator, MySQL/MariaDB, participates in a special Database Trends and Applications roundtable discussion on The Role of the DBA in 2022: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities. Questions answered include:

  • Is the cloud making the job of the DBA harder or easier?
  • Will automation replace the traditional role of the DBA?
  • What are the top skills in demand for DBAs today?
  • How can companies balance the increase in remote access for workers while making sure that data security and governance are kept intact?
  • How is the Great Resignation impacting DBA talent availability?

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