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Reduce the Noise with Datavail’s Alert Optimizer

Eliminate Unnecessary Alerts in Oracle's Enterprise Manager

Watch how Datavail’s Alert Optimizer™ works to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary alerts in your Oracle Enterprise Manager and enables you to identify unnecessary metrics and policies. It can also help you set up critical warning thresholds at the right levels.

Show Transcript

Many complain that out-of-the-box OEM implementation leads to too much noise and misclassification of alert. So what if there was a was a way to get a bird’s eye view of what’s really going on in your database? Datavail’s Alert Optimizer for OEM enables you to see where the noise is coming from and pinpoint the targets causing the real issues. Through Datavail’s reporting engine you can drill down into the detail by filtering, sorting, grouping, or graphing, and identify alert trends across entire database systems.

You can choose to view your alert history by any time period: by month, week, day, or even hour. This allows your DBA team to focus on reducing the worst offenders by adjusting the metric alert thresholds, eliminating useless alerts, or by eliminating a target from monitoring altogether. By reducing the worst offenders, your DBAs can better prioritize remaining alerts and begin system tuning metric threshold modification or eliminate specific alerts.

Feeding your information to Datavail is easy. There are multiple ways to deliver your database information to the Datavail Alert Optimizer so you can get a clear visual of where your alert traffic is coming from. Clients who implement Alert Optimizer tell us they see dramatically reduced false positive alerts, enabling them to focus on both real, actionable alerts and high value activities that matter most to them.

What can Datavail help you focus on? Contact us today to find out how Alert Optimizer can turn down the noise for you. Call us at 866-700-7128, or visit us at

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