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Performance Comparison of SQL Server 2016 Columnstore Indexes with Memory-Optimized Tables

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SQL 2016 unites OLTP & BI: What will it mean for your enterprise?

Now that SQL Server 2016 allows OLTP and reporting queries to run on the same database, there are plenty of architectural changes ahead for those who upgrade. Learn about them – and see how these changes impact performance – in Datavail’s latest white paper.

Along with background on why OLTP and BI have traditionally been separated, the paper includes a comprehensive view of memory-optimized tables and Columnstore indexes. The paper covers architecture and other issues you’ll want to consider, including:

  • The many reporting architectures you can replace with 2016 given that Columnstore indexes and run separately from the in-memory tables
  • The ETL packages costs and hassles you can discard
  • The latency issues you’ll avoid once Columnstore indexes and In-Memory tables use the same database

For a complete and informative look at the impact SQL Server 2016 can have on your enterprise, look no further than this white paper. It will give you the broad-brush background you need, as well as the step-by-step instructions you want to verify the performance supremacy of 2016 yourself.

Download The White Paper Here

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