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Our Practice Leaders On Why Clients Choose & Stay With Datavail

24x7 Delivery Model for Comprehensive Database Coverage

Our practice leaders believe that a unique approach to service, coupled with round-the-clock coverage allows Datavail to deliver the highest standard in customer service.

Show Transcript

John: I think clients use Datavail because of our delivery model. We have a true 24 by 7 delivery model. We run our 3 shifts every day. We have our 24 by 7 coverage. We don’t outsource our DBAs. All of our DBAs are our own. I think what makes Datavail special is we’re not like one of the big shops that provides DBAs where they just pick and choose what DBAs are going to be on what client, and they’ll pull them at any time. Some of my DBAs have been on the same client for over 5 years.

Eric: Our clients use Datavail because we’re usually very flexible in our model. We’re able to adjust to our customer needs. Our clients also choose Datavail because we have 24 by 7 model where we can support their databases day and night. Also, the best of our knowledge. If you hire a DBA, usually you’re limited to that DBA’s knowledge, but with Datavail, you get the benefit of being able to access many DBAs.

John: We have a very detailed process for shift handover, overlap and such. Plus, there’s great collaboration between the onshore and the offshore DBAs. All the DBAs are always in touch with each other, whether it’s through IM or through e-mail. We have a handful of DBAs in the U.S. working on certain clients, and the same amount of DBAs working offshore, but just because they’re working on one client doesn’t mean they’re not helping with other clients because there’s really not a single EBS DBA that really knows everything about an environment. It’s nice to be able to pull in subject matter experts if you’re running into say a Demantra issue, Hyperion, some of the edge products, or if you’re running into a tuning issue. It really just depends on skill-sets and who has experience with what.

Eric: Quite a few trends in the database world right now. One of those is that Mongo DBs are starting to show up more and more. A lot of our customers look to that to implement quicker retrieval for their data for solutions, so we work with our customers to ensure that they’re headed down the right path and ensure that’s the right thing for them.

Also, another trend that we’re seeing with our customers is that they’re getting audited quite frequently. They get audited from PCI or SAE 16 standpoint, and they need a lot of information about their database environment and who’s accessing that, so we do help our customers quite a bit in that arena.

John: It really doesn’t matter the size of the customer that Datavail supports. It’s really making sure you have the right resources for the right job.

I think clients stay with Datavail because of the solid resources that we have onshore and offshore. I think it’s easy for clients to push work off to us. It’s easy for our clients to have their own social life, their own life at home. They’re not on-call all the time. They’re able to take trips, go on vacations and know that their database, their applications, their environment is in good hands.

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