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Our Customers Say it Best

Watch this video interview with APM customer, Samara Reese, a Hyperion Administrator who saw significant benefits from implementing Datavail’s APM platform – a platform developed by Hyperion experts at Accelatis, which was recently acquired by Datavail.

Show Transcript

I had a coworker, and she received a cold call from Accelatis and so that was my way to say, "Hey, wait a minute. I've used this tool. Let's talk to them and see if we can get them in." So luckily everybody came in, they did a demo, and they ended up purchasing the tool, and everywhere that I've been, every company it's just been a way to actually get into the logs. Get into the application, know what your users are doing, and effectively provide the support that we have to do in order to get those numbers out, and at the end of the day get it out to Wall Street. My name is Samara Reese. I was exposed to Accelatis a couple of years ago. I've worked in the Hyperion space for over a decade and we were in a environment where we would have performance issues. The application would go down, we would restart the system, have no idea what is going on, and then we came to the conference and got exposed to this tool. It really made a difference in how we were able to support our users. We were able to see different processes they were running. Able to find out there were specific reports that were bringing the system down. We would have never known that without the tool. Also it helped us with data integrity issues. One big selling point for us was the ability to see actually [lock and sends 01:25] and the submission of data. We would get calls all the time saying, "My data is lost. The system has messed up my data." We didn't do anything, but Accelatis allowed us to say, "Hey, wait a minute. We see a 'submit data' here. You did a lock and send." So it just gave us a larger insight into everything that was going on with our application. We were very reactive, it allowed us to be proactive because we could see if there was a large load on a system. We had an issue where are application would keep going down all of the time, and we would just restart services because we couldn't figure out what was causing the issue. So with the tool we were able to see that there were specific reports that were being run, and that there were changes actually being made to those reports in production. So in being able to see that we actually changed our process, created an entirely new development environment for them to create their reports. Then we were able to test that because we also had Accelatis on development. Then they would migrate those reports to production, and this was something that we had dealt with for a number of years that caused us a lot of headaches during our quarterly closes. So that's just one of the ways that the tool actually helped us have a more stable environment and system for our users. So, that is my story with Accelatis. Thank you.

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