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Middle East Financial Services Company: Cloud Transformation Journey

Datavail Presentation

Middle East based financial services that manage the securities exchange and clearing segments modernized their on-premises Oracle systems. They took the lead through its hire-to-retire and financial processes with Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud ERP. They eliminated manual functions, operational inefficiencies, unaligned business processes, clustered integrations, and maintenance tasks, such as applying security and technical patches. They tracked asset leases and financial reporting through a scalable roll, making zero impacts on their ongoing business.

In this presentation, discover the real-world challenges they faced during the implementations and lessons we learned that could help you better manage your upcoming Oracle Cloud HCM/Financial SaaS implementations. That’s not all! You will discover several business process harmonization approaches, integration mechanisms, best practices for implementation, tricks, and tips that one can use for successful transformation over Oracle Cloud HCM and Financials.

This use case demonstration will help you with on-premises to SaaS migration and help green field implementations better plan their Cloud migration journey.

Learning Objectives –

  • Understand the bigger picture of how different modules function within the complete HCM and ERP Cloud suite.
  • Learn about the current capabilities and how to apply them to your organization.
  • How to get the most out of your Cloud transformation journey
  • Deep dive into customers’ critical requirements and know about unseen product capabilities to furnish workaround solutions.
  • How to make the transition to Oracle SaaS Cloud easier by transferring current reports, streamlining and reducing the risk associated with data validation, and maintaining the continuity of your business processes.


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