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Meet Our Service Delivery Manager: Kelley Turner

Keeping Clients Happy with Consistent Communication

Learn how the Service Delivery Team keeps our clients informed as the primary point of contact. Kelley Turner believes consistent communication is key to happy clients.

Show Transcript

Service Delivery Manager is the primary point of contact with a client. We are the people who answer questions, pull together resources if they need a new project with us, really are the ones who are the advocates for the client within the company. If a client has needs, concerns, anything that needs to be escalated, I’m the one who they pick up the phone and call. It’s my job to build a strong relationship with them and really have a connection, in a lot of ways, such that when they know that they call me, that I’m the one who can get something done if they have a concern.

One of the roles of a Service Delivery Manager is to keep the client informed. What kind of hours are they using? How are they using them? Are they using us to the fullest potential of their contract? Are there ways that we can be serving them better if, perhaps, we changed our resources or looked at a different structure? Also, keeping an eye out for opportunities. What, perhaps, may they not know that they need yet and how can we make an offer to them to get that done?

I think clients choose Datavail because we have a true service that is visible to them, that provides value to the folks on the ground as well as the folks managing the budget, and we’re committed to excellence. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it. For me, I have worked on the vendor side and I’ve worked on the vendor management side. That’s what you want. You want someone who says, “This is what I’m going to do, this is the model we follow, this is the results you can expect,” and they deliver every time.

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