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Meet Manish Tripathi

Senior Vice President of Asia Operations

Manish believes that Datavail’s unique quality auditing processes ensures we provide the highest quality of DBA service possible. Learn how Datavail audits both ticket processing and call quality to promote client satisfaction.

Show Transcript

What really happens is when the calls have been audited, it doesn’t just stay on the books or on the records. We actually go back to the DBAs and talk to them personally and run through the whole call again. Pick up points where we could have done better. For this, we provide them trainings, some soft skills trainings on English, negotiation trainings.

I think one of the primary things that we focus on is whether our DBAs are able to communicate to the customers, whether they have a neutral accent when they are talking to a customer, whether the customer is able to understand us when they’re talking. That’s one of the primary things. Apart from that, adding a bit of value in it, so that when somebody’s calling Datavail, they feel proud. They feel that yes, I’m talking to a company whose very professional in their delivery. No matter what, if they’re in U.S. or in India, it’s the quality of service that they get.

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