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How a Large Retail Company Transformed their Db2 Coverage


In the world of retail, where every second counts, having a reliable and efficient database infrastructure is crucial. A large enterprise retail company faced numerous challenges in their database administration. However, they found a solution that not only addressed their challenges but also greatly improved their Db2 coverage, quality, and reliability. In this case study, we will explore how this company partnered with Datavail to achieve remarkable results.

The Challenges: Striving for Improvement

When the retail company approached Datavail, they had specific challenges in mind that needed to be overcome:

  1. Improve Database Administration Quality
    The company recognized the need for enhanced database administration quality. They wanted to ensure that all aspects of their databases were managed efficiently and effectively.
  2. Provide 24×7 Coverage
    With customers shopping around the clock and online sales booming, the retail company needed round-the-clock coverage for their databases. Weekends and holidays were no exception; they required uninterrupted service.
  3. Optimize Resources
    Managing databases internally can be overwhelming for any organization. The retail company sought to redeploy or augment their existing on-staff resources to optimize efficiency.

The Solution: Harnessing the Power of Datavail

To address these challenges head-on, the retail company turned to Datavail’s expertise in database management. Here’s how they utilized Datavail’s services:

Remote Database Management

By partnering with Datavail, the company gained access to remote database management capabilities. This allowed them to rely on a team of experts who could monitor and manage their Db2 databases from anywhere at any time.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

Datavail conducted comprehensive assessments and health checks on the retail company’s databases. This thorough analysis helped identify areas for improvement and implement proactive measures to enhance performance.

Performance Tuning

With Datavail’s assistance, the retail company achieved optimal performance of their Db2 databases. Through careful analysis and fine-tuning, they were able to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure smooth operations.

The Results: A Transformation in Coverage, Quality, and Reliability

Since partnering with Datavail, the large retail company has experienced a significant transformation in their database administration. Here are some of the remarkable benefits they have achieved:

Improved Database Administration Quality

By leveraging Datavail’s expertise and resources, the retail company witnessed a substantial improvement in the quality of their database administration. They could now rely on a team of skilled professionals who ensured that their databases ran smoothly and efficiently.

Round-the-Clock Coverage

With Datavail’s 24×7 support, weekends and holidays are no longer a concern for the retail company. They enjoy uninterrupted coverage for their Db2 databases, providing peace of mind to both customers and internal stakeholders.

Greatly Improved Services Across the Board

  • DBA Coverage: The availability and expertise of DBAs greatly improved under Datavail’s management.
  • Database Availability: Downtime became a thing of the past as database availability significantly improved.
  • Database Quality: With proactive monitoring and health checks, the overall quality of their databases reached new heights.
  • Database Reliability: By implementing best practices and performance tuning techniques, Datavail greatly enhanced database reliability.

The success story of this large retail company speaks volumes about how partnering with an expert like Datavail can revolutionize your database infrastructure.

“Datavail helped our organization save costs and improve the quality of our database administration.”

In conclusion, if you’re seeking to enhance your Db2 coverage, improve quality, and boost reliability while optimizing resources, it may be time to consider partnering with a trusted database management provider like Datavail.

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