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Duty Free Americas


In today’s fast-paced world, businesses rely heavily on efficient and reliable data management to drive their operations. For organizations like Duty Free Americas, ensuring the seamless functioning of their databases is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the market. In this case study, we explore how Duty Free Americas overcame their database administration challenges by partnering with Datavail Database Services, and the remarkable results they achieved.

The Challenges: Striving for Excellence

When Duty Free Americas approached Datavail, they were facing several critical challenges that needed immediate attention. These challenges included:

  1. Improving Database Administration Quality
    Duty Free Americas recognized the need for enhanced database administration practices to optimize performance and ensure data integrity. They sought a partner who could deliver top-notch expertise and implement best practices to improve overall database management.
  2. Providing Comprehensive Coverage
    With a global presence and customers located in various time zones, Duty Free Americas required round-the-clock support for their databases. This meant having dedicated resources available 24×7, including weekends and holidays.

The Solution: Harnessing the Power of Datavail Database Services

Upon evaluating various options, Duty Free Americas chose Datavail as their trusted partner for transforming their database administration processes. Leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of Datavail Database Services, Duty Free Americas realized significant improvements across multiple aspects of their operations.

Remote Database Management: Ensuring Seamless Performance

Datavail’s team of experts remotely managed Duty Free Americas’ databases, providing continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance to prevent any potential issues. This allowed duty-free operators to focus on core business activities while leaving the complex task of database management in capable hands.

Database Upgrades and Migrations: Seamlessly Transitioning to New Technologies

Migrating databases from one platform or version to another can be a daunting task fraught with risks if not executed meticulously. With Datavail’s expertise, Duty Free Americas smoothly executed database upgrades and migrations, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition to newer technologies.

Database Assessments and Health Checks: Optimizing Performance

Datavail conducted thorough assessments and health checks of Duty Free Americas’ databases, identifying areas for improvement. By addressing performance bottlenecks and optimizing configurations, Datavail helped duty-free operators achieve peak database performance, enhancing overall efficiency.

Performance Tuning: Unlocking Maximum Potential

Under the guidance of Datavail’s experienced team, Duty Free Americas fine-tuned their databases to unlock their full potential. By optimizing queries, indexes, and configurations, they achieved improved response times, faster data retrieval, and enhanced user experience.

The Results: Unleashing the Power of Data

The collaboration between Duty Free Americas and Datavail resulted in transformative outcomes that exceeded expectations. Duty Free Americas experienced remarkable improvements in multiple areas:

Dramatically Improved DBA Coverage

With Datavail’s round-the-clock support, Duty Free Americas had expert Database Administrators available at all times. This ensured continuous monitoring, swift issue resolution, and uninterrupted database operations.

Dramatically Enhanced DBA Expertise

By leveraging the expertise of Datavail’s dedicated DBAs, Duty Free Americas gained access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. This empowered them to tackle complex challenges with confidence while staying ahead in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Dramatically Improved Database Availability

Duty Free Americas witnessed a significant boost in their database availability since partnering with Datavail. Downtime was reduced to a bare minimum, ensuring seamless operations even during peak business hours.

Dramatically Enhanced Database Environment Quality

Datavail’s comprehensive approach to database management led to substantial improvements in the quality of Duty Free Americas’ database environment. With optimized configurations and proactive maintenance practices in place, the risk of data corruption or loss was minimized.

Dramatically Increased Database Reliability

Thanks to Datavail’s meticulous attention to detail and proactive monitoring, Duty Free Americas experienced a remarkable increase in database reliability. Data integrity was ensured, providing peace of mind to duty-free operators and their customers.

Greatly Improved Database Performance

Through performance tuning and optimization efforts, Duty Free Americas witnessed a significant boost in database performance. Queries executed faster, data retrieval became more efficient, and overall system responsiveness improved.

“We believe that what has made this successful has been having a very knowledgeable, customer-oriented, proactive US-based DBA resource who oversees all shifts yet also engages on the day-to-day.”

“The operational impact with Datavail services has been positive. It has allowed us to have a knowledgeable DBA resource available 24 hours a day all year round.”

In conclusion, by partnering with Datavail, Duty Free Americas successfully addressed their database administration challenges and achieved remarkable results. With enhanced database quality, comprehensive coverage, and improved performance, they were able to streamline operations and focus on driving growth. If your organization is seeking expert database management solutions tailored to your unique needs, it’s time to explore the transformative power of Datavail.

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