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How DBAs Can Help Speed Application Development

Support for Your DevOps Environment

Application performance problems: DBAs can stop them before they start. Developers can – and do – often create applications without DBAs on their DevOps teams.

Should they? No way. DBAs accelerate the application development process. They’re the ones who make sure there’s a database repository so that, ideally, no one person holds the code.

That repository can be the lifeblood of the project, holding language used, as well as things like T-SQL code and data structure. Only DBAs can make that happen.

They also make sure the essential components of the data architecture are in place when the development begins. It’s the DBA who establishes:

  • The project’s security framework including logins, users, roles and permissions by business process
  • Logical and physical data model design, including business relationships, entity-relationship diagrams, tables, primary keys and foreign keys
  • Database object design such as stored procedures, functions, indexes and views

There are plenty of ways DBAs can accelerate application development. Learn about them now.

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