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Data Management Best Practices for the Hybrid Cloud

Datavail Webinar

While the adoption of hybrid cloud environments continues to rise – offering companies a “best of both worlds” option to gaining scalability while maintaining control over business-critical applications and data they want behind a firewall – without an effective data strategy and the right tools and processes, achieving business agility and cost savings is far from guaranteed.

The ability to share data and applications between environments can increase efficiencies, break down data silos, and empower users with faster insights, but only if properly integrated, managed, governed, and secured.

Join Jeff Duncan, Global Practice Leader for SQL Server, as he discusses Data Management Best Practices for the Hybrid Cloud. In this on-demand roundtable discussion, Duncan covers:

  • Knowing your business requirements and environments
  • Assessing your current workloads and procedures
  • Understanding the security considerations for data in the hybrid cloud
  • Learning about the hybrid cloud frameworks available
  • Discovering hybrid cloud automation


Watch the Webinar Here

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