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Don’t Upgrade Blind: Critical Issues to Consider Before Executing a DB2 Upgrade

Risks, rewards, timing: What you need to know about DB2 upgrades

Critical Issues to Consider Before Executing a DB2 Upgrade

There’s a lot of risk with DB2 upgrades. If they’re not done right, you may suffer performance degradation and needless downtime. Or, your users won’t get the benefit of the new functionality.

But, what’s the flip side? What additional features can an upgrade bring that might make your application developers more productive? How will a new version’s enhanced availability help your users? Can you save money by ditching that end-of-support version you’re currently running? Maybe you can.

  • There’s plenty to weigh before you decide when and how to upgrade, and this whitepaper from Datavail will help you make a smart decision.
  • Why your upgrade strategy should at least ensure you’re running supported versions of DB2
  • What you need to know about planning for a multiple release upgrade
  • How the complexity of your environment complicates upgrade efforts and what to do about it

In addition, you’ll see the steps you should coordinate, the factors you don’t want to overlook and some best practices from Datavail, the largest database services company in North America.

Upgrades may be risky, but this whitepaper is a no-risk way to make them a little more predictable. Help yourself to this paper’s upgrade insight right now.

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