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Cloud Migration Best Practices: Risks, Requirements, Strategies, and Solutions

Datavail Webinar

Cloud adoption continues to accelerate as more enterprises seek opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve agility. When it comes to moving data and applications to the cloud, there is a growing array of platform choices, deployment models, and features to fit every bill.

However, cloud migration is not a cure-all for every IT and business woe. Neither is staying on-premises, but what’s clear today is that our increasingly cloud-based world requires enterprises to rethink their data management practices, people, and processes.

In this webinar recording, Datavail’s Michael Agarwal, Director and Global Practice Leader for Cloud Databases, participates in a special Database Trends and Applications roundtable discussion on Cloud Migration Best Practices: Risks, Requirements, Strategies, and Solutions. Agarwal covers:

  • The major milestones of cloud migration: discovery, assessment, planning, and migration
  • The 6 Rs of cloud migration and modernization
  • Real-life lessons learned and recommendations for each cloud migration stage
  • Agent-based tools vs. agentless tools for discovery
  • Approaches to cloud observability solutions
  • Using a multi-stage cloud migration process
  • Getting the right recipe for a successful cloud migration and modernization initiative

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