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Welcome to the Official Sprint Teams as a Service Site!

We’re glad you raced over here to learn more about our Sprint Teams as a Service (STaaS) offering.

Shift burdensome routines to us so your team can keep their eyes on the road ahead. With Sprint Teams as a Service from Datavail, you have access to a pit crew ready to help where capacity concerns are the greatest.

Here are just a few benefits of hiring a Sprint Team:

Access to knowledge without having to hire in-house


Stay focused on business strategy


Flexibility to shift and even add teams during the initial sprint based on need

Datavail is a Microsoft Gold Partner with 200 application development experts and 15,000 projects completed. We’ll help keep your business efficient, integrated and modernized.

Have the need for speed?

Fill out the form to the right and an expert will contact you. Complete a discovery call with one of our Sprint Team experts and we will send you a remote control car.

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Featured Resources

5 Application Development & Management Issues You Can Solve with a Sprint Team

Application development issues bring challenges to your enterprise. You can end up with far-reaching impacts from these problems, such as siloed data and lost productivity. A sprint team can help your organization these issues.

Sprint Teams Service Overview

Our innovative Sprint-Team-as-a-Service (STaaS) offers your business the technological and budgetary flexibility it needs to thrive in today’s fast-driven economy.

Sprint Teams as a Service: When AppDev Isn’t Your Core Business

An international educational company needs help with its legacy systems and application development. Find out how a Sprint Team-as-a-Service was the alternate approach they didn’t know they needed in this new case study.

Sprint Teams as a Service Video

We understand the issues around organizations’ delaying their application upgrades for a host of reasons. So we’ve come up with sprint teams-as-a-service, a fast, flexible solution that can move your business forward at its own pace and on demand.

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We are a Microsoft Gold Partner ready to help you with your application and infrastructure solutions and management needs.

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