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Webinar 5

Application Modernization

Take a deep dive into application modernization trends and best practices, from refactoring monolithic applications into microservices architecture, leveraging containers and serverless cloud solutions for rapid innovation, performance and cost optimization, and selecting which application workloads should move to the cloud. Scroll below to watch key moments from the webinar, or watch the entire video at the bottom of the timeline.

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Cloud Industry Trends and Best Practices

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Database Migrations and Modernizations

Learn about the latest trends in database cloud migrations and modernizations, including the cloud-native databases offered by the leading cloud providers. We will explore open-source and purpose-built databases available to help you make the right strategic cloud decisions for each of your databases.


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Oracle Application Workloads in the Cloud

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Reasons Why You Need Legacy Java Application Modernization

Larn why Legacy Java applications can make it difficult to upgrade or change technology because these new technologies must be compatible with an outdated Java environment.

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