The Ultimate Guide to Essbase 19c

At Kscope19, Oracle announced some changes to Essbase that will impact anyone using – or planning to use – this platform. Get the details of the changes below, along with expected features and functionality of Essbase 19c  (both on-prem and cloud)  and what to expect based on your existing application landscape.

Essbase Basics

In use for over
25 years

Over 10,000

Fortune 100 & 500 companies

Less than 1 second
response times

Announced at Kscope

Essbase has been separated from Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

Next version is 19c, both on-premise & cloud

Essbase 19c Cloud to be released before EOY 2019.

Full Essbase 19c available first half of FY2020

Key Changes

  • Both Essbase 19c Cloud and on-prem are "customer managed"
  • Initially Essbase 19c on-prem will only be available on Oracle Linux 7.x
  • Supported Oracle DB (for Metadata RCU) initially to be 12.1c, 12.2c, and 18c
  • Integration with directory services for security - through WebLogic or IDCS
  • Support matrix expands in 2020 - Windows is likely next, since most Essbase systems are Windows
  • Cloud version uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • It's now going to be a PaaS offering

Essbase 19c is meant to be Native Essbase only

  • Like OAC-Essbase, unlimited number of cubes -- limited only by OCPUs
  • ASO and Hybrid-only BSO
  • Data loads through rules files, Essbase Connections, and Data Sync (and if you are familiar with it, 3rd party product called OneCloud)
  • Ability to configure access to on-prem data sources (VPN)
  • Automation scripting is through CLI/MaxL
  • Customer managed, so backups and patches are under your control
  • SSH access
  • Options to customize configuration

Essbase 19c On-Prem or Cloud?

What are the feature benefits of Essbase 19c Cloud?

  • Essbase was rewritten for the cloud
  • Significant performance improvements over on-prem
  • Enhanced and “hardened” hybrid engine with this release
  • Sandboxing
  • Scenario Management
  • Build on-demand Essbase cubes
  • Deeper feature integration with Smart View and Excel
  • Greatly enhanced Data Source and Connections: New Construct to abstract data sources for Rules files, DT, Partitions
  • Multi-cell Drill-through
  • Federated Partitions: Ability to query Data Sources with zero footprint Essbase partition.
  • Realtime partitions!
  • Efficient filters
  • Expanded toolbox for working with applications
  • Future new features available in the cloud before on-premise

Implications Based on Your Current Platform

Even with the new EPM 11.2 release you will still only have Essbase until you upgrade or migrate. But do weigh the advantages presented by the Free Form Planning

Even with the new EPM 11.2 release, you only have Essbase 12.x until you upgrade or migrate. And your BIFS ultimately becomes OAS - without Essbase. Potential opportunity to migrate both your OBIEE and Essbase to the cloud!

Your OAC - Essbase is now essentially end-of-life and is frozen at Essbase 12c until you upgrade to 19c.

OAC Essbase is effectively in maintenance mode. Support will continue, including patching, for life of existing contracts, but then you must migrate to Essbase 19c. If you want a "runway of time" on OAC in order to plan your 19c migration/implementation in due time, buy or extend OAC contracts NOW. The OAC SKU will cease to exist when 19c SKU becomes available.

Wait and Implement 19c Cloud or On-Prem when it comes out OR buy an OAC contract now and migrate to 19c Cloud or on-prem later.