Pathway to Your Oracle EPM Future

End of Support for Hyperion 11.1.x is around the corner. Have you decided whether to stay on-prem or move to the cloud?

End of Premier Support is December 2021

Top 6 Factors to Consider

1. Business requirements

Does your existing on-premises environment fulfill your current and future business requirements? How do these compare with the functionality of the cloud?

2.Business risk

If you’re happy with on-premises, a cloud migration could be a risk—but the cloud also offers benefits such as improved business continuity and disaster recovery, decreasing the existential risk to your business.

3. The size and complexity of your on-premises footprint

A highly complex on-premises environment can be unwieldy, causing you to contemplate a move to the cloud—but this complexity also makes it more difficult to migrate in the first place.

4. The maturity of the environment

If you rely on legacy on-premises IT, make sure that a move to the cloud will let you maintain these integrations.

5. The amount of time and money invested

What resources can you devote to a cloud migration project? Will cloud or on-premises be more cost-effective in the long run?

6. Future plans

How will cloud or on-premises fit your business in the medium and long term?

Which Path Should You Take?

Upgrade to 11.2

  • Oracle support through 2030
  • Large EPM footprint
  • Security stays in-house
  • Complex environment-friendly
Datavail completed one of the country’s first EPM 11.2 upgrades.

Migrate to Infrastructure Cloud

  • Keep current on-prem apps, but gain cloud benefits
  • Cloud security
  • Complex environment-friendly
  • Mobile access
  • Additional flexibility & scalability
Datavail has migrated one of the world’s largest Oracle applications footprints to IaaS cloud.

Migrate to Oracle EPM SaaS

  • Gain cloud benefits
  • Newest features & functionality
  • Mobile access
  • Cloud security
  • Flexibility & scalability
Datavail has successfully and efficiently moved hundreds of companies to Oracle EPM Cloud.