The Logic Behind Hiring Half a DBA

Big Data is expected to generate $274.3 billion in 2022 across the globe. Unless you want to stagnate, you need to continuously collect data to help you adapt to the changing business environment.

Hiring full-time DBAs may not be feasible, especially if you don't have enough work for a full-time employee. But, without that “Half a DBA” your IT team is in danger of getting burned out, and your systems will suffer.

A fractional approach to database administration will enable your organization to achieve better database performance and greater system/database availability with less expense than is typically associated with hiring a full-time employee.

When Do You Need a Half a DBA?

1. More work than your staff can handle

2. 24x7x365, vacations & holiday coverage included

3. Better system maintenance and customer service

4. Off-peak backups, diagnostics, and tuning

5. Better system performance during peak times

6. Need for expert DBAs with skills in new or complex technologies

7. Support for systems with less than full-time needs

8. You need to reduce burnout and turnover in your IT team

9. You want to increase job satisfaction and human resource optimization

10. You can’t afford to hire a full-time DBA

How Do You Hire Half a DBA?

Datavail provides expert on-site and remote DBA teams that give you exactly the services you need when you need them.

Integrated maintenance

Database upgrades

Continuous monitoring

Cloud migrations

Database projects

Database assessments

And more ...