How Cloud-based
Remote DBAs Lead to
Cost-Effective & Quality Database Management

Cloud-based database management gives you the expertise you need to manage ongoing maintenance and urgent projects. Employing cloud-based, remote DBAs helps you save costs. Plus, your own DBAs will become more efficient and effective. They’ll have 24x7 coverage, which allows them to concentrate on higher-end, high value database projects.

Businesses Are Drowning in Data…

And it’s hard to manage the data with more and more devices, sensors, and other technologies gathering information around the clock.

  • Internet
  • Social Media
  • Mobile
  • Digital Photos
  • IoT & More

Worldwide data is expected to grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by the year 2025

Data management is complex and requires:

24x7 database monitoring

Incident management

Bug fixes

Performance tuning & more

Here’s the Challenge

  • Hiring and retaining qualified DBAs is difficult and costly
  • DBAs become frustrated completing low-level tasks and responding to after-hour emergencies
  • DBAs often have no time left to do the mission-critical work they love, and the business suffers

Here’s the Solution

  • 24x7 cloud-based production support
  • Partner with a managed service provider to eliminate expense, staffing shortages, and retention issues.

Datavail’s Database Managed Services

Datavail offers U.S. based oversight while leveraging offshore teams

Flexible fixed price monthly contracts with no long-term commitment

Gain access to specialized teams to get the expertise you need when you need it

Pay only for the services you use with our variable consumption model

We have more than 350 customers who have been with us for an average of seven years. Some customers have been with us since our inception. Whether it’s triumphing over explosive data growth, 24x7 coverage, or managing and tuning existing databases, we provide you with a reliable custom solution tailored to your organization’s needs. Contact us to learn more.