Overcoming AppDev Challenges to Achieve Project Success


Only 36% of projects are completed on-time and on-budget, according to the Standish Group.

Failed application development projects waste time, effort, opportunities, customer and management trust, and money. Other development projects get put on hold if you try to pick up the pieces and fix them. By learning about common AppDev challenges, you can improve your success rate.

The Four Reasons AppDev
Projects Fail

Underestimating resources

55% of IT professionals point to a lack of resources as one of the biggest reasons projects fail. When you don’t have the budget, methodologies, expertise, or people to achieve your development vision, you set yourself up for failure.

Inaccurate time estimates

An optimistic timeline is a disaster waiting to happen. Unrealistic and poorly defined deadlines can cause a project to go out of control quickly.

Ignoring best practices

Leaders may overlook best practices for a few reasons, such as thinking they are unnecessary, wanting to avoid project slowdowns, or choosing riskier practices.

Lack of stakeholder buy-in and participation

Stakeholders make or break AppDev projects. If IT leaders fail to see their importance or manage them correctly, they can lead the project to failure.

Seven Solutions to Overcome AppDev Challenges


Develop clear and concise plans

Have a full understanding of the goals and scope of your project to set appropriate expectations. Use well-defined milestones and an experienced project manager to keep everything on track.


Obtain and maintain stakeholder buy-in

Pick the appropriate stakeholders for the project and help them feel like an essential part of the team. Link their motivations and business goals to the project’s outcome to get them engaged.


Provide regular progress updates

Keep stakeholders well-informed get their feedback on the project’s direction.


Create a highly qualified AppDev team

Don’t settle for good enough. Get the right technical and project management expertise on your team to take the project to a successful completion.


Identify backups for key project team members

Don't let your project fail because a critical employee is unavailable. Identify the most important roles and have a backup plan.


Monitor scope creep

Establish a change request process, so you maintain tight control over your project’s scope.


Test rigorously

Allocate enough time for testing before your AppDev project goes live. Create test cases, look for security vulnerabilities, and ensure that everything is working as intended.