3 Things Your Remote AppDev Team Needs to Succeed


According to Gartner, since March 2020, 88% of companies have either encouraged or required work from home. Many AppDev teams are left adrift due to stopgap measures, smaller budgets, and the sheer stress of COVID-19.

Remote work is a net benefit for companies and employees when implemented correctly:

No more commutes
Location independence
Better work-life balance
Improved productivity
Happier employees

With over a decade of experience managing remote AppDev teams at Datavail,
here are our three keys to telecommuting success.

1. Collaboration

Professor Karen Sobel-Lojeski’s research reveals three types of “distance” you must overcome for effective remote collaboration:

  • Physical distance: Different locations and time zones
  • Operational distance: Different processes, methods, and tools
  • Affinity distance: Challenges of building relationships, rapport, and trust

What is a digital workspace?

A central hub of communication and collaboration that solves these three distances.

What does a digital workspace allow employees to do?

  • Share ideas
  • Ask questions
  • Manage files and documents
  • Use business applications
  • Accomplish tasks
  • Progress through workflows
  • Access necessary information and resources
  • Stay informed
  • Communicate with the team

What Does Datavail Use for Remote AppDev Collaboration?

Office 365 Groups

Microsoft Planner

Office Delve


2. Communication

25% of remote workers are overwhelmed by isolation. Help them link up early and often. Use the right communication channels for a given conversation:

  • Real-time instant messages for quick answers
  • Email for less time-sensitive, asynchronous messages
  • Meetings for long-winded discussions and complex ideas

Types of meetings:

  • Stand up meetings: Daily or bi-weekly, short meetings for recent progress, current statuses, and future plans
  • Stakeholder meetings: Project status updates for important roles
  • Team meetings: Product owner led to give team members face time and build camaraderie

What Does Datavail Use for Remote AppDev Communication?

Microsoft Teams

3. DevOps

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a tech philosophy that fosters closer integration between software development and IT operations, typically used by tech-oriented businesses.

It can lead to:

  • Up to 60% increased revenue and profits
  • 2.4 times more likely to have rapid business growth compared to competitors

Common DevOps practices:

  • Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Automation from start to finish
  • Version control
  • Agile planning
  • Lean project management
  • Organize work into shorter, focused “sprints”

What Does Datavail Use for Remote DevOps?