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Welcome to the Hyperion Hero Awards 2019

The aim of this award is to shine a light on the hard work Hyperion administrators do. Often overlooked and behind the scenes, these unsung heroes are a vital part of keeping your business running.

Congratulations to our Hyperion Hero Award Winner – Mark Marsicano

Are You or Someone on Your Team a Hyperion Hero?
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What is a Hyperion Hero?

Hyperion admins & managers are everyday heroes that are battling against villains such as:

  • Frequent and unexpected downtime
  • Systems integration challenges
  • Diagnosing performance issues in a black box
  • Keeping users happy and effective
  • Streamlining reporting so the business can make the right decisions at the right time

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Click the appropriate button below and tell us your story
  2. Nominations are open until April 10th
  3. Winner to be notified by phone and announced on this site on April 29th

Hyperion Hero Superpowers with Datavail

Being a Hyperion Hero is tough without superpowers. Datavail’s Hyperion Heroes step up to save the world with our Accelatis software.

What superpowers can Accelatis give you?

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