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Hyperion Hero Superpowers with Datavail

Being a Hyperion Hero is tough without superpowers. Datavail’s Hyperion Heroes step up to save the world with our Accelatis software.

What Superpowers Can Accelatis Give You?


Get alerts anytime a problem arises so your users never see them.


See your application performance history at any point in time.

Time Travel

Test the entire application and tech stack before peak cycles so you know how it will perform.


Document & analyze test results so you can make adjustments on the fly.

X-Ray Vision

System visibility so you can spot patterns and trends.


Automated reporting that replicates when and how you need it.

Cosmic Power

Ensure a solid foundation for maximum performance.

These superpowers apply across your entire tech stack from your Hyperion applications to operating systems, servers, databases, and security patches.

How Do Our Hyperion Heroes Use Their Superpowers? Read Their Stories.

White Paper: Global Educational Organization Gets to the Heart of Hyperion Performance Management

“Accelatis helped us see which users were doing what, at what time of day. Whenever utilization ramped up, we set up KPIs and health checks, so that we could get alerts about unusual happenings within the environment itself. I was 99% less stressed after using Accelatis.”

Case Study: Locomotive Manufacturer

“Addressing issues before they affect our users makes all of our lives easier. Accelatis makes it possible to do this consistently and easily.”

Case Study: Global Mining Company

“Issues that took up to 4 days to resolve and involved up to 25 individuals across the company are now solved in minutes or hours while involving only the key players needed to solve the problem.”

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What is a Hyperion Hero?

Hyperion admins & managers are everyday heroes that are battling against villains such as:

  • Frequent and unexpected downtime
  • Systems integration challenges
  • Diagnosing performance issues in a black box
  • Keeping users happy and effective
  • Streamlining reporting so the business can make the right decisions at the right time

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