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Getting More in Less Time: Tuning Your ETLs For Better BI

When: Thursday, May 28, 2015
Time: 2 p.m. EST

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There are two main goals for tuning your ETLs for better performance and they are to enhance speed and consistency.
So what do you need to know to address bottlenecks but still save time?

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Find out how optimizing the performance of your database can increase your earnings and savings.

Join Datavail’s webinar on Thursday, May 28th where Datavail’s senior applications tuner, Chuck Ezell will discuss some techniques on how to find bottlenecks in your BI ETL jobs and how to tune slow SQL statements, improving the speed of nightly ETL jobs.

The webinar will discuss using OLTP and OLAP in your tuning approach, the components and layers of common ETLs and some tips and tools to make monitoring ETL activity easier.

About the Presenter: Chuck Ezell

Chuck Ezell

Senior Applications Tuner, Datavail

With more than 18 years of experience, Chuck Ezell supports some of the world’s largest retailers with database performance tuning for their internal applications. Chuck helps Datavail locate and eliminate bottlenecks in database administration, while uncovering opportunities to improve performance. He excels at optimizing and customizing EBS systems. Chuck works with Java, SQL, .NET, and other languages on systems by Oracle, HP, IBM, among others. He uses AppDynamics, Splunk and Visual VM, along with other tools, for database tuning operations.

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