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Join Datavail for the SWUG Virtual Conference Fall 2015

The SSWUG.ORG Fall 2015 Virtual Conference provides a unique experience to make sure you get the information you need from some of the industry’s leading experts. Thanks to our sponsors, we’re excited to offer this event to you FREE OF CHARGE!

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We’ve gathered the industry’s top speakers to take you through outstanding content, daily keynotes, and multi-part sessions. Your access to an unmatched learning experience begins here. Register NOW!

Datavail’s experts will present:

  1. 1. Tuning ETLs for Better BI – Chuck Ezell
  2. 2. Building a Database Monitoring Tool Using Splunk – Chuck Ezell
  3. 3. Performing Oracle Health Checks Using APEX – Chuck Ezell
  4. 4. Changing Your Approach From Reactive to Proactive – Chuck Ezell
  5. 5. The 5S Approach to Improving Database Performance – Chuck Ezell
  6. 6. Essential SQL Server Monitoring & Top Issues Identified by Health Checks – Andy McDermid
  7. 7. Using OEM – Datavail Alert Optimizer for Enterprise Monitoring – Chet Szatkowski
  8. 8. Upgrading SQL Server to 2012 and Beyond – Andy McDermid
  9. 9. All The Leaves Aren’t Brown: Many Ways To Profile Your Application Code – Chuck Ezell
  10. 10. The Advantages MySQL – What you need to know about MySQL – Srinivasa Krishna
  11. 11. MySQL Master/Slave vs. Cluster – Pros and Cons – Charleste King

Datavail is a proud sponsor of the SSWUG Virtual Conference being held Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13. Several of Datavail’s experts will present webinars over the course of two days so be sure to check out Datavail’s virtual booth or attend one of the many webinars available to registered attendees. Also, those who register can watch the webinars on demand and are able to download a plethora of handy tips, tools and presentation slides.

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Time: 8:00 am