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We have two speaking sessions:
Oracle Health Checks using APEX – Session 2 Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 11:15 am to 12:15 pm
Catching Your Breath: Ways to Speed up Your ETL – Session 6 Thursday, Feb 11 at 8:30 am to 9:30 am

Title: Oracle Health Checks Using APEX
Location: 407

Summary: Do you know every aspect of your Oracle Database? From each parameter, to the database health, down to the data-block level? If you did and you were able to stay on top of all those details when a crisis occurred, would you immediately have the confidence to know what the problem wasn’t?
The best offense is to have a plan and be able to work that plan. Regular health checks are the best approach to ensure you stay on top of all those details and are always prepared for the scenarios you might be reacting to on a regular basis today.
This presentation will outline the tools to use to transition from defense to offense by working and planning proactively.

Title: Catching Your Breath: Ways to Speed Up Your ETL
Location: 405

Summary: This presentation offers high-level ideas on how to tune ETLs to reach the two main goals for tuning your ETLs for better performance: enhance speed and consistency.

Whenever you are performing large-scale ETLs, you want both the source and the target to be tuned as much as possible. We often use a “5S” approach to health checks, which is designed to mitigate database issues before they occur. The 5S framework includes:

  • SQL Code
  • Statistics
  • Segmentation
  • Sessions
  • Scheduled Processes

When tuning the source, the presentation explains some of the things we look for.

Highlights of RMOUG:

  • Two full days of training with a bonus half-day of 30-minute tech tips and two-hour deep-dive sessions
  • More than 100 technical sessions with new tracks
  • Full exhibition
  • ACE lunch, WIT, and career panel

RMOUG Training Days is Oracle Without Limits (O.W.L.), meaning technical sessions in all areas that interact with database technologies. This event showcases the latest in Oracle and other technologies and techniques, and attracts well-known speakers from around the world. Packed with sessions from the most in-demand topics, Training Days has something for everyone, from novice to expert. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack for Wednesday and Thursday are included in the conference fee. With all this annual event offers, it is one of the best training values available.

Visit the RMOUG official site for more details.

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Time: 8:00 am