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Splunk is probably best known along with other Security, Information, and Event Monitoring software for its use in intrusion detection, W/Lan traffic monitoring, and more. But unlike other software systems which rely on modules and add-ons, Splunk offers a robust real-time big data collection and reporting framework complete with its own Search Processing Languages and ready to use point and click reporting tools. This makes Splunk the perfect tool for every Oracle Applications DBA and Manager to have in their shop.

If monitoring your Oracle Applications/EBS Systems is taking up too many cycles or you’re tired of getting caught off guard with what could have been preventable system outages, take some time to attend this webinar where Datavail will illustrate 2 ways Splunk can be used to mine your KPI data.

The first example will be how to use Splunk to monitor JVM logs in real-time on custom Oracle BI Application.??The second will show how to use scheduled scripted inputs to collect a capacity management report for RMAN database backups.

About the Presenter: John Kennan
Senior Oracle EBS DBA for Datavail

j_kennanJohn Kennan has more than 16 years of Oracle Applications, DBA, and system administration experience. He also has extensive experience in supporting all facets of large enterprise solutions from installations and upgrades to support and maintenance. John specializes in performance tuning, application monitoring and creating custom instrumentation solutions; allowing customers to operate more effectively. He enjoys using his extensive experience in Splunk, Oracle Applications, Appworx, and system integration.



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Time: 8:00 am