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Datavail is a Gold Sponsor of PGConf NYC 2023


Look for Datavail in New York City on October 3-5, as we’re sponsoring PGConf NYC 2023

PGConf NYC is a non–profit, community–run conference series focused on business users, database professionals, and developers of PostgreSQL, the world’s leading open-source database. The conference delivers two days packed with presentations about PostgreSQL and related technologies.

Join us at the Convene 237 Park Avenue in NYC! We’ll be there with Postgres experts on hand, showcasing our database expertise.


Transaction ID Wraparound in PostgreSQL – Understanding, Mitigating, and Preventing Database Disasters

Shailesh Rangani, Practice Lead for PostgreSQL

Transaction ID wraparound is a critical issue that can affect PostgreSQL databases due to the limited 32-bit transaction ID (XID) space. As transactions occur, the XID value increases until it reaches its maximum limit and wraps back to zero. This inevitable wraparound poses severe risks to database integrity, data consistency, and transactional operations.

In this session, we will explore the PostgreSQL transaction ID wraparound issue in-depth, focusing on its causes, impacts, and advanced mitigation strategies. The topics covered include:

  • Understanding XID Wraparound
  • Technical Mechanics of XID System
  • Causes of XID Wraparound
  • Impacts of XID Wraparound
  • Predicting, Preventing, and Fixing XID Wraparound


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Event Details

City: New York, NY

Venue: Convene

When: October 3, 2023

Time: 8:00 am ET