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Customers seeking to move their Microsoft SQL Server databases to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) environment rely on Datavail for solutions that include remote database migration, administration, support, maintenance, and management services. Among the challenges customers face when transitioning their SQL Servers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) are concerns about lack of control, understanding the risks involved, and security and compliance. Customers choose to operate SQL on EC2 because they can manage their own database support for all maintenance areas. It is also customizable, meets high performance needs for replication and discovery, and is highly available. They work with Datavail because their monitoring, measurement, and support services are always available.

Sony DADC New Media Solutions, a large digital media company, discovered they could migrate their SQL Servers to AWS and run them using an Amazon EC2 solution allowed them to replicate their SQL Server environments in multiple AWS Availability Zones (AZ), meaning that if a node failed in one AZ, it could be replicated in another to ensure almost no downtime and improved performance.

Join us to Learn:

  • Best practices for providing highly available database solutions using EC2 on AWS
  • Gain insight into scenarios which migrating SQL Servers to AWS and using EC2 is the recommended course of action
  • How Sony DADC New Media Solutions reduced their Storage dependency by migrating to AWS using solutions and architecture from Datavail.

Date: September 28
Time: 10:00 am PDT/1:00 pm EDT


Sivakumar Thangavelu, Senior SQL Server DBA, Datavail
Bill Timm, Solutions Architect, AWS
Blaine Baker, Manager, Application Support & Business Intelligence, Sony DADC New Media Solutions

Event Details

City: Webinar


When: 20170928

Time: 10:00 am PDT/1:00 pm EDT