24x7 Database Support & Delivery Teams

Round-the-Clock Remote DBA Coverage for Your Enterprise

Data never sleeps, therefore your databases need to be accessible and performing, 24 hours a day, every day. But DBAs are people and they need to sleep at some time. What’s the answer? Round the clock remote DBA coverage from Datavail.

As a true managed service provider, Datavail always has DBAs working – our delivery teams operate 24x7x365. It is included in every managed services solution we deliver.

What’s more, you can access that round-the-clock service in a fractional way – we can take 20 hours a week and deliver 24×7, with no additional cost or fee.

Other providers will say they offer 24×7 coverage – but ask if that means they are waking DBAs in the middle of the night to respond to alerts or other issues. At Datavail, we provide a real managed service over three shifts in a 24x7x365 model – you aren’t waking DBAs up in the middle of the night to address issues.

That means you can sleep better.