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Donuts for DBAs

If you gaze closely at the database icon, it kind of looks like three stacked donuts – or maybe we shouldn’t have skipped breakfast today.

So, this got us thinking…if databases were donuts, what flavors would they be?

Here’s what we came up with:

MySQL is the classic glazed donut. It’s tried and true and is a real crowd-pleaser.
Postgres is a jelly-filled donut – stuffed with features and can satisfy even the most complex cravings.
Oracle is a Boston cream donut. It’s a bit of a luxury choice and delivers plenty of richness and complexity.
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server is the cruller, featuring twists and turns, with a sophisticated flavor.
MongoDB is a maple-bacon donut – it’s a newer flavor and stands out from the crowd.
Cassandra is a sprinkle-covered donut. It’s a bit of a wildcard, with unique flavor combinations.
Redis is a cinnamon-sugar donut, with a sweet and spicy flavor that hits fast and pairs nicely with others.
MariaDB is like a powdered sugar donut – it’s a great balance of sweet and satisfying!
“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy donuts. And that’s kind of the same thing.”

Tell us your favorite donut/database combination and win!

Complete the form to win! FIVE lucky winners will get a $50 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card as well as a Datavail tumbler, because what’s a donut without coffee?

Fill Out the Form to Win Donuts!

Fill out the form and you will be entered to win a Datavail Tumbler along with a $50 gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts!

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