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Are you a Database Administrator? Then this hub is for you. Our elite DBAs bring you top tips to increase the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of your databases. Whether you’re looking for ways to lower costs for data storage, gain greater capabilities in data processing, or discover the latest information on cloud computing, this is your hub for Database knowledge.

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Don’t Let Oracle High Availability Features Stop You from Migrating to PostgreSQL

Oracle isn’t the only database technology capable of offering enterprise-grade high availability. PostgreSQL is a popular alternative gaining attention among businesses of all sizes. Find out more about your deployment architectural options.

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The Path to DBA Heaven

If you’re ready to reclaim your evenings and weekends, sleep through the night and build your career instead of babysitting databases, you’re ready for DBA Heaven. Get out of DBA Hell.

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Top 10 Most Valuable GoldenGate Use Case Scenarios

GoldenGate is well-known as a powerful solution that supports real-time integration and replication of data sources that are heterogenous. What you may not know is that there is a wealth of lesser-known ways you can use GoldenGate to manage data and improve efficiency at your organization. Find out more so you can optimize on your investment.

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Why BARMAN is the PostgreSQL Disaster Recovery Solution You’ve Been Searching For

BARMAN is designed for maintaining high business continuity with PostgreSQL databases, through a robust set of disaster recovery (DR) and backup functionality. BARMAN is extremely popular for PostgreSQL backup and offers many benefits for this open-source database.

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The Top 5 Challenges of ETL – and How to Solve Them

ETL comes with its own inefficiencies and resource constraints that can be difficult to manage. The good news is that many of these ETL challenges can be easily fixed with the right know-how and skill set. This white paper discusses the top 5 ETL challenges that companies are facing across the globe and our simple, but effective method for solving them.

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