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Want to Leverage New Technology? Upgrade Your SQL Databases

Author: Amy Malecka | | February 20, 2018

Technology innovations make a big difference for organizations, with tools like business intelligence (BI) and mobility transforming the way they do business. Some of the benefits these tech-forward companies gain include greater agility, data analysis and improved business processes.

If your infrastructure relies on older SQL databases, you put yourself at a competitive disadvantage. You end up working harder to get the same results as your competitors. Over time, you end up being left behind with limited ways to catch up.

How much data is going to waste because you can’t use the latest business intelligence tools? BI innovations help you automate business processes, analyze and predict trends, provide actionable insights into your operations, and boost your business agility. Here are a few innovations that BI brings to your organization.

Personalized Experiences

You can leverage data to give end users and customers personalized experiences when they engage with your systems. For your back-office personalization improves productivity and boosts employee engagement. On the customer-facing side you see more customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Unsiloed Data

Can the databases of different departments work together in your organization? Data silos lead to a lot of repeated work, wasted information and other inefficiencies. The latest technology helps you eliminate these silos so your entire organization can collaborate. The database integration allows you to maximize your ROI on this information and improve productivity throughout the company.

Mobile Workforce

Many people come to expect mobility out of the businesses that they work for. They don’t need to be chained to a workstation to get their duties completed. Instead, they can be flexible about where they work, when they can access information that they need for a task, and stay connected even when they’re far away from the office. Mobility is an advantage that’s hard to beat and your SQL databases need to accommodate this use case.

Do you need more reasons to upgrade your SQL databases? Download our white paper: “9 Reasons to Upgrade Your SQL Environment,” to discover nine other compelling arguments.

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