Top EPM Cloud Predictions: Part I

By | In Oracle Applications | June 14th, 2017

Oracle recently published an e-book titled Cloud Predictions 2017, in which its CEO, Mark Hurd, gave predictions on the Top 10 Trends in the Cloud. In part 1 of our two-part blog series we discuss the first five Top 10 predicted trends and how they relate to EPM Cloud.

With cloud computing moving at a fast pace and cloud technologies evolving at such impressive rates, it has been difficult for many to keep track of where it’s all headed. It would be interesting to apply Oracle’s predictions to EPM Cloud and see how important they are to the Oracle Cloud service.

1. Cloud-based mission-critical workloads will take off

The long-awaited promise of migrating of all enterprise production workloads is yet to happen due to lack of commitment and resources to support production-service-level agreements. We believe that with Oracle’s IaaS, we will be able to take charge and provide sufficient control for custom portfolios and to deliver client EPM migration to the cloud.

2. Corporate-owned data center numbers will plummet

The inevitable migration of their workloads from corporate owned on-premises data centers to purpose-built facilities on the cloud has made organizations focus their IT spending on cloud computing. As quoted in the e-book and discussed in this Oracle blog post, Hurd states that corporate-owned data center numbers will fall 80% by 2025 and an equal percentage of spending on IT will be devoted to cloud services.

3. Enterprise cloud becomes the most secure place for IT processing.

Over the years, data security has been a major issue holding many organizations back from pursuing cloud adoption. Consequently, moving EPM to the cloud has become a big decision that requires a structured approach with a proven methodology. Oracle predicts that the very factors — such as data sovereignty, data privacy, and control issues — that are deterring organizations from moving to the cloud will be the ones drawing them to the cloud.

When it comes to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management solutions, Oracle has a proven security track record, the necessary resources, and Datavail has experience in the relevant field to build the structured layers of security your organization simply may not be able to replicate on its own. We make security a key priority for all lines of business and are able to shed light on potential routes for safe passage.

4. Digital transformation becomes the norm.

With our world increasingly becoming digitally connected, having a digital strategy simply isn’t enough. The digital transformation has become inevitable and it is transforming the way we live and work. Various sectors, such as medical and manufacturing, and ways in which we conduct business, have all been redefined by the cloud. Datavail, alongside Oracle, is paving the way to cloud with a slew of flexible financial models and packages to help you take advantage of its best-in-class cloud applications and ease your business’ digital transformation.

5. The rise of intelligent applications.

Day by day, Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming reality and is impacting our daily lives. From online shopping to bank transactions, whole industries are now dependent on cloud technology infrastructure and services, without human intervention. Hurd predicts that with great improvements in the cloud we will soon see intelligent applications capable of automatically recommending individualized actions and streamlining business tasks.

With the new cloud predictions by Oracle on the things expected to happen in the IT industry, we at Datavail take our focus on data management and database support up a notch. With Datavail’s support behind your Oracle EPM platform, you can  make well-informed, data-driven decisions every step of the way, from assessing your options to planning and executing a migration to the cloud.

If you would like more information on cloud predictions for this year or the enterprise performance management solutions we offer, please contact Datavail today. Datavail is a specialized IT services company focused on Data Management with solutions in BI/DW, analytics, database administration, custom application development, and enterprise applications. We provide both professional and managed services delivered via our global delivery model, focused on Microsoft, Oracle, and other leading technologies.

For additional resources please download our white paper: “Simple and Smooth Oracle EPM Cloud Data Integration.”

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