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7 Steps to Setting Up Database Mail

As an alternative to SQL Mail, Microsoft suggest using Database Mail. They advise using Database Mail because SQL Mail will be removed in a future version of SQL Server, so using Database Mail in new development work should save you some future heartache.

JP Chen | June 9, 2015

Best RAID For SQL Server | RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10

Which RAID should you use with SQL Server? Learn the differences between RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10, along with best practices.

Eric Russo | June 8, 2015

Tips for Upgrading From SQL 2008 to 2012 or 2014

Datavail SQL Server DBA, Andy McDermid, lays out helpful tips for upgrading from SQL 2008 and beyond. Click to learn more.

Andy McDermid | April 8, 2015

SQL Server In-Memory tables – Where is data stored?

SQL Server 2014 introduced the concept of InMemory OLTP which has been a lesser explored topic for many. Previously we saw how these InMemory tables can be created and how one can access the same. Once the table is created, the syntax, TSQL construct and access seems to be almost similar to how a normal table is created.

Pinal Dave | February 20, 2015

SQL Data Load Error

What You’re Seeing So you’ve decided to use a relational data source to load data into an Essbase cube using the EAS SQL Interface and a load rule. The problem is that when you preview the data in your rule, there seem to be records that aren’t in the relational table no matter how hard […]

Datavail | October 3, 2014

4 Top Trends in Database Management

The latest trends in database products are those that don’t purely embrace a single database structure, but instead, bridge SQL and NoSQL, giving users the best capabilities offered by both. This includes products that allow users to access a NoSQL database in the same way as a relational database, for example.

Patrick Gates | June 9, 2014

Finding non-default configuration settings in SQL Server

In our Remote DBA practice, we frequently perform comprehensive system reviews for our customers on their database services.

Jeremiah Wilton | August 25, 2011

Move SPFILE from ASM to File System

The following is an example of how to move your SPFILE from ASM to your file system or vice versa.

Dallas Willett | July 20, 2011

Real Application Testing

The two main scripts we created to do this were called test.sql and tune.sql. The contents of those scripts comprise the rest of this blog post.

Dallas Willett | April 6, 2011